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My Husband is a Foreigner?!
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 | 0 comment(s)

First of all,
Assalamu'alaikum and Anyeong!
Okay,, the quite shocking title right?
*bajet laa.. shocking sangat..*
okay.. beberapa minggu yang lepas..cewah..
so since a few weeks ago.. kisah Kak Fad n her husband going viral in FB,IG,TWITTER, and BLOG..
since it's going viral so, I'm pretty sure that uolls know right? Yes! her husband is Korean!
Bila first time dapat tahu.. Kirah macam.. waahh.. Jodoh dia.. jauh gak..and Korean lak tu.. OMG! can I have one?
Hahaha.. Impossible right?
Yeahhh.. even malay guy doesn't even attract to me.. errkk.. maybe..
hahaha.. whatever..

There are a study saying that the range between 19-23 is the stage where you really wanna built a new life as a marriage women.. *only applied to girls..for men I don't really know though.. So, I have to be patient for about 2 years more..

Before,I don't really care when My soulmate will come and propose me..
but I don't know, since recently, jut hoping that he will read this and bravely meet my parent and said..
"Pak cik , mak cik saya dah bersedia ingin menjadikan anak pak cik dan mak cik sebagai isteri saya.."
atau kalau dalam kes kak Fad in english laa kan.. hahaha..mane taw kot-kot memang ade foreigner minat kirah? kann?? hahaha~

ok dah.. habis berangan lepas settle sume kerja sem ni.. daa~