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My first Korean friend..
Monday, 19 May 2014 | 0 comment(s)

here the fb..
when he added me as friend I was like..
who is he?
the fb name is in korean word, I have a lot of kpop friend, so I thought here is one of them..
and maybe he just write it like that..

and I posted to his wall said thanks.. and h replied it..
and then I realize..eh?
he is one of Zulfikri friend's?
yeah..the one that he guide around the Seoul..
oh yeah.. who is Zulfikri?
he also one of my friend that I recently add as my friend..
he studying at Sungkyungkwan Univesity..
he is a Malaysian..
and he is Kelantanese..(my hometown)
actually I'm adore Zulfikri..because he is studying at Korea..
*which is my dream that I want to study at Korea..
Waahh.. So, my ambition to take korean language is like..
but some of senior said that korean is hard..
so, I was like..
afraid to take a risk..
but I'll try my best..hehe
maybe sem 4..
actually I'm still confius to take mandarin language or korean language..
aih.. so hard to decide..

So,here is their FB

and here is Zulfikri blog..
that's all..
kim kirah