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the first day of ramadhan as university student.. alhamdulillah..
Saturday, 28 June 2014 | 0 comment(s)

yes.. my first day of ramadhan as university student..
I'm sahur with my beloved family..hehe..
this sahur remind me my first day of ramadhan last year..
as a matriculation student..
wahh.. so sad!
sincerely.. I dont know.. its so pathetic..
but.. there are a lot of memories..
as 20 years I live my life.. last year is my first ramadhan that I'm not with my family..
 this year.. alhamdulillah..
guys.. If I'm not experience my ramadhan without my family last year.. maybe I'm not this grateful this year..right?
I'm really grateful to Allah.. for this rizq (rezeki)..

my first day last year..
we sahur at 5am..
just silently eat our food..
and..suddenly there are tears coming from eyes..
wahh.. I'm still remember it clearly..haha.. after a few days..
we get used to it.. and started to talk each other.. to avoid the silence..
we are roomates.. miss you guys damn much..
eventhough the mosque is a bit far.. but my roomate,Ecah.. 
so keen to go terawih prayer every night..
but.. me and my another roomate did it at our room.. hehe..
wahh.. seriously.. I miss them soo much!!

Ecah! Tasha! Twhy! 
Kirah rindu kalian!! hehe..