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Birthday post for myself~~
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 | 2 comment(s)

Salam and annyeong!

ok..first of all..thanks guys for your wishes..
Sincerely..thanks.. I also wish a blessing for you guys too..

Errmm.. nothing to say actually.. boleh dikatakan.. birthday paling hambar sebab tak celebrate...
believe it or not.. kirah tido je hari birthday..hahaha..

However.. kirah happy sangat-sangat... because all my family member remember my birthday except one of my younger bro (that his nature..just pity his wife later..) hahakk .. XP

my elementary school friends..
my facebook friends..
my UUM friends..

thanks guys for the wishes..
The one that get my attention is one of my Chinese friends.. both of them my first Chinese friend in UUM.. just nice to meet you guys for this 2 years..

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