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Polaroid Photo...
Monday, 4 August 2014 | 0 comment(s)

Assalamu'alaikum and anyeong!

"wahhh.. it takes times longer than I thought!..." this is what I'm thinking after finish edit.. my first ever try..polaroid picture! haha.. I know its ugly...but thanks to overload cutenest baekhyun..its turn out as not bad..
hehe.. sincerely its hard to edit it.. aigoo.. but its fun! I'm using PS..adobe photoshop.. I don't know what version it is..because it exist in my lappy but I'm never use it even once.. now I know one of the function..right? at least it's not something useless..
ohh yeah..thanks credit to my unnie! best unnie ever! unnie jjang! kak ika.. I learned this editing through her tutor in blog.. kumawo unnie! cheongmal kumawo!
hehe.. ok here the picture..

huhu..I know.. its not really beautiful bcoz I'm not really creative.. hehe.. but It will gets better by time..and what I wrote there is really giving an impact to me! what is really important is TIME!
for every obstacle or problem..time is the best healing..especially emotional problem..so the reason I put Baekhyun EXO picture because.. errr.. *it's close enough to what are you thinking..*
first is because he is my biased in EXO.. I love his voice.. and second yeah because the problem that he had to faced recently with Teayeon SNSD.. In my opinion..ermm.. at first I was like.. WTH?asdghjkl..  I hate it..
sincerely.. I dun really like it. but then I was like.. who I am? he got his own life.. and I'm pretty sure that you didn't like when I love someone and others didn't like our relationship.. I was like.. It's my life.. why I can't choose mine? just imagine its happend to you! haha.. *ok..a bit emo here..mianhey (sorry) * 

if you recognize.. I'm using baekkie picture which consist him posing with hand..because I love his hand too..it's beautiful..

haa.. you know..a few days after eid mubarak.. me,my mom,my grandma n aunty was having a conversation while watched TV.. the channel is TVAlhijrah.. and I'm not remember what was shown but suddenly my aunty said..
"Angah(my nickname in family)..if you wanna find your soulmate..make sure find someone who can sing very well.. like him..*Fadzly UNIC*.." 
 and I was.."eehh?? haha.. okay okay..I'll make sure to test that thing first.." 
and then she added.."when we want to sleep he'll sing..when we want to cook he'll sing.. you know its a greatful husband who have a nice voice.."
and I was like...errrrrmmmmmm..*thinking hard*
*imagine I'm talking in accent bahasa kelantan with my aunty*
I don't really care actually.. but yeah..Frankly speaking,I like someone who have a nice voice.. as you know my bias is who can sing very well.. Yesung SUJU,Onew Shinee,Baekhyun EXO,Sunggyu INFINITE,Chen EXO,Woohyun INFINITE,JJ Project,Yugeom GOT7.. *wahh..just imagine all of them in 1 stage..pheww~

 thats all I think?!